My heart moves faster

My mind so slow

My body entangled

In lusts no- no

He will never be mine

A bed- we can’t share

A passion undefined

Affairs are never fair

My hands already taken

There can never be an us

Damn climaxing

I’m left shaking

By the sheer strength of his thrust

Lust is illusion

What am I doin

I’ve gotta stop this thing now

Just cuz it feels good

Don’t mean that I should

Plus I took a vow.

V .


Black crow, black crow

I heard you calling from a mile away

As you soar in like an eagle

Dark as night

Against the crisp blue day

Black crow, black crow

You perched at the top of my tree

Squawking so loud

Were you calling for me

I payed you know mind

Smoking and busied on my phone

So another joined you

And the squawks increased in tone

I put down my phone

And looked up at you two

I said…

You have my attention

What can I, do for you

The squawking ceased to be

And one flew to the ground

The beauty in the tree, was staring at me

The one on the ground

Just walked around


Black crow, black crow

I haven’t taken my journey yet, you see

To discover my power animal inside

But I feel your presence is telling me

When I do

Your beauty is what I’ll find



The Pledge

I never seem to find the right words to say

I do crazy things that only push you away

I don’t cook

I don’t clean

I barely get dressed

But expect crazy passion, although I’m a mess

So… On this day .

I Pledge to do

To choose my words better

When speaking to you

To hold you so closely

And not let you forget

That the right touch from you

Dissolves all my regret

I’ll uphold every vow

That I spoke unto you

To respect

And to love

As you deserve me to do

This Pledge that I give

Comes deep from the heart

I’ll treasure and honor you

Until death do us part




Seclusion, confusion

How’d we get here

Isolated, frustrated

I feel the end, so near

Choices versus the voices

That play on in my head

Controlled and stronghold

Makes for words, not to be said

How do we change

His delusions, my derange


Take them, make them

For what they’re worth

Misuse them, abuse them

We’re both left in the dirt




When truths won’t be heard

And lies plant their seed

When spoken words hurt

And anger needs to feed

When the hurt is forever present

And the past won’t stay down

Is love less than pain

Has shame worn me down

Can I be a new me

With these deep scars that bleed fresh

Do I leave- so he can breathe

Or stay and fight through this mess

Do I have a right to say

I won’t take this from you

When your eyes expose your brokenness

And I know I caused this too




Alone in my thoughts

Too much raw emotion to manage

Just reflecting the things I’ve done

Lies, betrayal, just plain damage

When life threw me lemons

No juice was made

Mine soured

Now wounded ego’s baracade

All the good we devoured